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   Our High Class Escort Services and Escorts guarantees you that all the photos of our Escort Ladies and Models are current and genuine! Only after a personal meeting and interview does a lady become a member of our Escort Agency. Just take a leisurely look, you will find exactly what you are seeking. The exclusive Escort Service of our enchanting Ladies and breathtaking Models is utterly first class and delicious and guarantees that you will not have any “unpleasant surprises” when you deal with us! We like to make available to you only the finest and truly genuine choice of lady!

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   For over a decade, St.Petersburg based escort agency Platinum Girls™ has enjoyed a world-renowned reputation of providing excellent service in the mediation of naturally beautiful, intelligent escorts with spirit & spunk.
    At its core, an escort agency is only as good as its company values and the ladies it represents. Our company aim has always been to recruit ladies that are passionate, have a fresh outlook on life, are abundant in personality, refined in social graces and genuinely kind at heart. Aside from having the necessary aesthetic attributes, possessing these qualities is in our opinion essential for providing a true Girlfriend Experience (GFE), which is the essence of the service that ladies of Platinum Girls™ offer. 

escort girls   Our company values are based on creating ongoing, mutually rewarding relationships and upholding our first-class reputation: the reputation of providing the quality service and care that is required of a high class escort agency.
We are an all female owned and managed, legally operating escort service. Amongst the whirlwind of escort agencies available in St.Petersburg these days, we remain committed to preserving our unique company identity: unique in the way that we combine playfulness with sensuality, humor with intelligence, beauty with personality and service with integrity. It will be our pleasure to offer you the quality service you deserve and we look forward to making your acquaintance.

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   Escort Agency, Platinum Girls offers you an impeccable escort service. We always welcome your call at our call-centre and are ready to provide you with all necessary information on inviting a model. You’ll be listened to attentively and we’ll tell you in detail about the temperament and looks of each girl. We will also advise you on this or that girl according to your taste and your wishes regarding your preferred pastime. For the convenience of our valued escort service clients it’s easy to contact with us via e-mail. We check correspondence regularly and you can carry on an e-dialogue with us all day long.The main advantage of our escort agency is our model girls. With their excellent appearance and responsive openness, these elegant, sincere and candid girls have passed through a selection procedure of the utmost keenness. This is designed to afford the maximum pleasure a model escort team can provide -for the most discerning gentleman!

   Whatever you are looking for whether it be a classy night out to a musical or a romantic dinner date we have the high class St.Petersburg escorts for you. For those that want the ultimate girlfriend experience with one of our companions at your hotel or home then you need to look no further. St.Petersburg escort Girls has the ladies that make your time with them unforgettable regardless of what you do; this sets our St.Petersburg escort agency apart from the rest.

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Elena id 104
Age: 24, Height: 174Booking now
Alisa id 109
Age: 24, Height: 172Booking now
Vika id 086
Age: 25, Height: 175Booking now
Anna id 093
Age: 24, Height: 175Booking now
Milana id 112
Age: 30, Height: 175Booking now
Katya id 085
Age: 19, Height: 165Booking now
Alena id 103
Age: 33, Height: 175Booking now
Masha id 105
Age: 20, Height: 172Booking now
Lena id 080
Age: 24, Height: 168Booking now
Kristina id 083
Age: 25, Height: 170Booking now
Vika id 095
Age: 25, Height: 178Booking now
Alena id 094
Age: 30, Height: 175Booking now
Natasha id 106
Age: 23, Height: 175Booking now
Masha id 107
Age: 20, Height: 165Booking now
Olga id 108
Age: 25, Height: 175Booking now
Rita id 081
Age: 25, Height: 175Booking now
Angela id 078
Age: 24, Height: 165Booking now
Kristina id 082
Age: 23, Height: 165Booking now
Uliya id 099
Age: 23, Height: 175Booking now
Sonya id 098
Age: 23, Height: 175Booking now
Lana id 097
Age: 22, Height: 173Booking now
Rita id 088
Age: 25, Height: 175Booking now
Natasha id 090
Age: 26, Height: 170Booking now
Nastya id 067
Age: 24, Height: 168Booking now
Sveta id 084
Age: 25, Height: 165Booking now
Anna id 087
Age: 24, Height: 175Booking now
Masha id 048
Age: 25, Height: 165Booking now
Sveta id 111
Age: 25, Height: 173Booking now
Olga id 110
Age: 24, Height: 172Booking now
Valeriya id 092
Age: 30, Height: 170Booking now